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Partnering with Catholic Parishes, Schools, and Organizations

We all have gifts that contribute to God’s kingdom. What is impressive is when we all use our gifts collectively to further God’s kingdom, to build a community of love, and to create something greater than we are individually.  For this reason, the Catholic Foundation is honored to partner with our parishes, schools, and organizations in meeting the spiritual, educational and social needs of our community. We share your Catholic values and have the capacity to responsibly steward your fund(s). We’re committed to helping you further your mission today and sustaining your faith-filled work for years to come.

Why Partner with the Catholic Foundation? We're Invested in Your Success

Simplicity & Ease – The Catholic Foundation manages the administrative aspects of the fund; the beneficiary simply receives the proceeds.

Shared Values & Investment Expertise – Our investments are managed by a professional, experienced team to maximize returns according to the USCCB and MCC guidelines for socially-responsible investing. By pooling assets, we gain access top managers and exclusive asset classes while driving down costs for our partners.

Visibility & Marketing – The Foundation promotes your fund through the Catholic Foundation’s annual report, newsletters, website and donor portal.

Helpful Support – We believe your financial success means a stronger faith community for all of us. We can be a resource to you and your supporters, helping your mission thrive.

Peace of Mind – As an independent 501(c)(3) organization, the Catholic Foundation’s funds are protected from potential liabilities. Our structure ensures the specified growth and lasting legacy of our Catholic communities.

Our services:

  • Professional support for planned giving
  • Endowment Fund administration
  • Donor Advised Fund administration
  • Grant administration
  • Financial and investment reporting
  • Donor newsletter and information
  • Charitable giving and legacy planning workshops
  • Facilitation of non-cash assets
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