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Giving is more fun when others share your passions.  That’s why we’ve identified “Field of Interest” funds that reflect the Catholic Foundation’s funding priorities, so you and like-minded donors can rally support behind a particular topic or cause to meet both immediate and emerging community needs. You select the specific field of charitable interest and define any parameters to the Foundation’s Trustees.  The Trustees will then evaluate the charitable organizations that do the best work in the selected field and make grants to the organization(s) that best fit your interest.  These funds are wonderful options for people who want to make an impact in a specific area, but do not want to select a specific organization. Gifts of all sizes are accepted; no minimum.

Our Funding Priorities

Sharing Your Catholic Faith

For those who believe in helping one’s self and others deepen and share one’s relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. This can be accomplished through a variety of means through the life of the Church to inspire a Christian witness to Christ in our society.

Educating Children and Young Adults

For those who believe children have a mind, a body and a soul and all need care! Catholic schools educate the whole child to grow in faith and grace, achieve their potential in school and life, and feel welcomed and cherished. Inspired by Christ, Catholic schools produce tomorrow’s leaders and servants, building a more just and loving society.

Supporting Religious Vocations

For those who want to be a part of the human, spiritual, academic, and pastoral formation of those responding to God’s call to religious life.  Give thanks to these individuals for the sacrificial and shepherding responsibilities that await their service.

Helping the Poor and Vulnerable

For those who value our Church’s leadership in providing basic human needs through social services for millions of people — regardless of their ethnicity, background or faith tradition.  At all times, we as Catholics value and champion human dignity, knowing all people are created in the image and likeness of God.

Caring for Creation

For those who affirm all of creation, our living planet, is a magnificent and sacred gift. Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, has moved environmental care and protection to the forefront of Christian responsibility, declaring all life depends on clean air and water, as well as a stable and reliable climate.

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