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Flexible. Simple. Charitable. Giving becomes convenient and personal with a donor advised fund (DAF), which offers a hands-on approach to your philanthropy. This fund invests your charitable gift to grow tax-free for future giving to your favorite Catholic organizations, causes, and ministries.  Once your initial fund is set up, contributions to your fund can be made at any time, in any amount; and, similarly, grant recommendations from your fund can be made at any time, in any amount of at least $250. Donor advised funds are one of our most popular funds because it is flexible and manageable from one simple account. Donors and organizations who open donor advised funds are called fundholders, and are members of a new giving society, The Deo Gratias Society, Latin for “Thanks be to God.”

How Does it Work?

1. Give
You set up a fund through the Catholic Foundation which creates an immediate tax benefit for you.

2. Grow
Your money in the fund grows tax-free through socially-responsible investments.

3. Grant
From this fund, you still still give your monthly, quarterly, and annual gifts. Through a simple process, you direct your giving from your fund to the Catholic charity of your choice, and the Foundation manages the paperwork for you.

4. Transform
We’ll even work with you to consolidate your giving so it has a bigger impact.

Donor Advised Fund Benefits

Giving becomes convenient and more intentional, which offers a hands-on approach to your philanthropy.


Streamlining your giving form one convenient account
You can use cash, stock, or other assets to create a fund, earn an immediate income tax deduction, and, when it’s convenient for you, give to the charities you wish to support. While you plan your giving priorities, your fund grows tax-free in a socially-responsible investment pool that aligns with Catholic values.


Bringing intentionality to the giving process and seeding your legacy
Name your fund, choose the charities you wish to support on your schedule, customize each grant, and identify how you would like to be recognized, if at all. You begin to establish a legacy with a DAF and can choose successor advisors to continue your fund’s administration beyond your lifetime, make one-time legacy grants to charities of your choice, or create an endowment upon your passing.


Connecting you to the causes you care about
In what ways are you called to make a difference? With a donor advised fund at the Catholic Foundation, you can give to causes you are already supporting, learn of new charities that align with your passions, and join with others to make a greater impact.


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Give when you can. Grant when you want.

View our donor advised fund guide to learn how you can give, grow, grant and transform with a hands-on approach to your philanthropy.

Why consider a donor advised fund?

We know you have choices to achieve your family’s charitable goals. Are you wondering if a donor advised fund is right for your charitable giving needs? See a comparison of opening a donor advised fund or starting a private or family foundation.

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