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Flexible. Simple. Charitable. Giving becomes convenient and personal with a donor advised fund (DAF), which offers a hands-on approach to your philanthropy. This fund invests your charitable gift to grow tax-free for future giving to your favorite Catholic organizations, causes, and ministries.  Once your initial fund is set up, contributions to your fund can be made at any time, in any amount; and, similarly, grant recommendations from your fund can be made at any time, in any amount of at least $250. Donor advised funds are one of our most popular funds because it is flexible and manageable from one simple account. Donors and organizations who open donor advised funds are called fundholders, and are members of a new giving society, The Deo Gratias Society, Latin for “Thanks be to God.”

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Give when you can. Grant when you want.

View our donor advised fund guide to learn how you can give, grow, grant and transform with a hands-on approach to your philanthropy.

Why consider a donor advised fund?

We know you have choices to achieve your family’s charitable goals. Are you wondering if a donor advised fund is right for your charitable giving needs? See a comparison of opening a donor advised fund or starting a private or family foundation.

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