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The Catholic Foundation is a charitable organization established to serve the Catholic community by promoting Christian philanthropy.

As a community foundation serving West Michigan Catholics, the Foundation offers donors highly effective investment vehicles for their charitable resources, the finest professional stewardship of those funds, optimal tax benefits, and a program of generous and responsible giving to the community that creates meaningful and lasting legacies.


Fast Facts About the Catholic Foundation

It’s an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

$0million in assets

It’s fully endorsed by the Diocese of Grand Rapids and the Bishop.

$0million 2020 Grants Distributed

It’s governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of religious and lay leaders.

Over0Charitable Funds

Our Logo

Catholic Foundation of West Michigan logo icon in color

Designed to be inclusive, inspiring, and elevated, our logo represents the universal Catholic Church enveloping the Foundation’s five funding priorities, bringing us closer to Christ through generous hearts. 


The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan was established in 1995 under the leadership of the ninth bishop of Grand Rapids, Most Reverend Robert Rose. While the Foundation was initially established to support Catholic education, its reach now extends to a variety of ministries throughout West Michigan.

With hundreds of funds supporting the religious, charitable, and educational works of the diocese, gifts to the Foundation sow the seeds of a thriving Catholic community today and for generations to come.

Since its founding, the Catholic Foundation has:

  • Built, renovated, and repaired the infrastructure of our parishes, including churches, rectories, parish halls, parking lots, and classrooms
  • Helped feed, clothe, house, and train the marginalized and ready them for employment
  • Provided access and opportunity for immigrant families and Catholic school children
  • Nurtured and given hope to the young and the old, the spirited and the disheartened.

Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Our Mission

We inspire and enable generous support for parishes and ministries rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church to make a lasting impact in our communities and the lives of others.

Our Vision

We are the heart of Catholic generosity for West Michigan, passionately supporting and sustaining our Christ-centered communities — now and for generations to come.

Our Purpose

The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to serving both our donors and our Catholic community by facilitating charitable giving to impact and sustain a more caring community reflective of Christ’s love.

Catholic Foundation Leadership & Staff


David Walkowiak Portrait

Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak

Bishop of Grand Rapids
William Duncan Staff Portrait

Rev. Msgr. William H. Duncan

Vicar General
Diocese of Grand Rapids
Mike Staff Portrait

Michael Lown

Chancellor / CFO
Diocese of Grand Rapids

Kevin Staff Portrait

Kevin McDowell

Griffith Holdings, LLC

Mary Lehman-Panek

Mary Lehman-Panek